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Fastest sock on the planet 612 aero socks

Fastest sock on the planet 612 aero socks

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Born in the peloton

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The fastest, the fastest, the fastest. Whether it's the bike, helmet or socks. In the end it’s the only thing that counts within cycling. Be the fastest. Our mission was to make the fastest sock on the planet. After extensive tests in the wind tunnel, we were successful. Our conclusion was that per speed This sock is 6,0 Watts faster than a knitted sock. At 47 km/h and 0 degrees wind angle. there is another fastest sock in the world. That's why we are launching 3 different models. This model is the fastest sock at 61,2 km/h.

+ Very smooth and strong material
+ Good in cold and wet conditions
+ Tested as fastest at 61,2 km/h
- Material is not so stretchy.


17cm for 36-42 and 19cm for 43-48


612 Material

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Fastest Sock On The Planet. Because we're born in the peloton.

We know what matters and how to prove it.