At Sockeloen we know best how valuable the wright sockheight is for a cyclist. That's why our socks allready have a perfect height optimised by the size and usage of the socks.

We have socks between 17cm to 21cm.

But if you wanna check your height you can measure it: starting from the top, to just above the heel of the sock. Like the picture attached.


ONE SIZE: This is most common size we use is. We developped this special fit by using extra elastic material.
This size covers 39 - 46.

TWO SIZES: Some of our socks we offer in two sizes.
These are 36-42 and 43-48.

THREE SIZES: Custom made we can also produce three sizes for you. These are: 35-40 and 40-45 and 45-50.


- Size S index finger: 7.5 cm
- Size M index finger: 8 cm
- Size L index finger: 8.5 cm
- Size XL index finger: 9 cm

The gloves also have an extra long fit so that the wrists also remain protected.