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Merino Murk + Aero overshoes 612

Merino Murk + Aero overshoes 612

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Aero Overshoes 612 (Size)
Merino Winter Cycling Socks - Murk (Size)

Born in the peloton

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The perfect solution against wet and cold feet: Merino Murk socks + waterproof, aerodynamic Aero Overshoes 612. Profit from this special combi-deal and look stylish and ride comfortable!

+ Perfect combination in wet and cold conditions
+ Overshes stay white
+ Merino Socks are anti-bacterial
+ Tested as fastest at 61,2 km/h
- Can be too hot in warm conditions.

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Meet the first ever Aero Gravel Socks. Been proved fast at Unbound, Gravellocos and the UCI Gravel World Championships.

Matching a comfy gravel-specific foot with the 468 race-winning aero leg.