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Washing cycling socks - How do you keep white socks longer white?

How do you keep your white cycling socks nice and white?

It is perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions.

In this blog we will answer that question and give tips on how you can keep your cycling socks looking their best. By washing the cycling socks well, you maintain the quality and the color remains more beautiful!


Washing Machine Tips:


1. One of the most important things is NOT to throw your cycling socks together with your cycling clothes! Your cycling clothing is very dirty (especially after a rainy ride)! As a result, there is only more dirt on the cycling socks during washing.


2. Washing your white cycling socks with the white wash will keep the color more beautiful. If you wash white clothes with other colors, it will always pick up some color from the other laundry.


3. If the white cycling socks have turned a bit yellow, you can try one of these three steps.
          * Pre-wash the cycling socks with biotex blue;
          * Add Soda to your washing powder;
          * Or add a cup of vinegar to your laundry detergent.




Hand wash tips:

When you ride in the rain with white cycling socks and you want to keep them super white,
it is very important to wash them by hand as soon as possible.

Do this as follows:


1. As soon as possible after the bike ride, rinse them with warm water so that the coarse sand is off.


2. Place the cycling socks in a container of warm water with green biotex soap for 10-15 minutes.


3. Rinse the cycling socks for a while.


If they are not yet white:


4. Iron the cycling socks with a piece of white Ox Gall soap (available at the Kruidvat and Albert Heijn in the Netherlands).
Often the top edge of the sock (also partly on the inside) and the piece above the shoe tongue at the instep is the most important.


5. Rinse the Ox Gall soap from the cycling socks.

Repeat steps 4 and 5 until the cycling socks are looking good and white again.


6. After this you put the cycling socks (already covered with this soap) in the washing machine at 30 degrees, without fabric softener and preferably with DATO detergent.

Now the cycling socks must be completely white again !!

This special method is recommended by Gré Knetemann.

Good luck with it!

Keep them white, wear them proud

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