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Are cycling socks worth it? Here are 7 reasons why they are!

Are cycling socks worth it? Here are 7 reasons why they are! 

Many cyclists wonder if buying expensive cycling socks is really worth their money. What’s the big difference with regular (sports) socks, except for the price?


In this blog, we’ll answer all the common questions around cycling socks and explain the benefits of wearing high quality cycling socks instead of regular cheap socks.


Why are cycling socks so expensive?

One of the first questions that always comes up when talking about cycling socks is why they’re so expensive. Casual socks are usually cheaper, and even though regular sport socks are more expensive than casual socks, they’re still cheaper than cycling socks. So how come cycling socks are more expensive? Here are few reasons why:


1. Materials 

The most important reason is the materials they’re made of. At Sockeloen, we only use the best quality materials which we get from the Mediterranean region. This increases the costs, but gives the certainty that the socks will be of premium quality and that they’re far more durable than other regular cheap cycling socks.


On average, Sockeloen cycling socks last 3x longer than most cheaper sports and cycling socks! This is also the first reason why our cycling socks are absolutely worth the money.


Materials showing why cycling socks make a difference and what makes the best cycling socks


2. Fair conditions 

Another reason why our cycling socks are more expensive is that we produce them in our factory in Italy. We only hire the best people to work there who know everything about their profession and socks manufacturing.


We offer excellent working conditions and fair wages. This is also the second reason why Sockeloen's cycling socks are worth the money, because you’re sure that they’re produced sustainably, under the right circumstances and especially without child labour.


3. Machines 

The last reason, is that we only use the best machines available on the market in our factory in Italy as well as in our own workshop in the Netherlands. These machines are very expensive and often very rare, so hardly any company uses them.


These machines deliver the absolute best quality cycling socks and have the most options to make a specific cycling sock. A good example is that our machines have 160 needles and we even have some with 200 needles, where other manufacturers only use 144 needles or less.


Socks made by a machine with 144 needles are much stiffer, making the sock less comfortable to wear. In addition, with 160 or 200 needles you can add much more details to the design, especially for custom made cycling socks, and you can process mesh, terry or compression structures in the sock, which is not possible with fewer needles. So another great reason to invest a little more money in your cycling socks!


Sockeloen machine that makes our socks


4. Prevent sweaty feet 

The fourth reason why cycling socks are definitely worth it is because they’re specially made to prevent your feet from sweating in your cycling shoes. Because cycling shoes are quite different from other sports shoes, regular sports socks usually don’t suffice.


Cycling shoes have less ventilation than, for example, running shoes, which makes your feet sweat more quickly. At Sockeloen we have developed an aero cycling sock with excellent sock ventilation by carefully combining the exact right materials and adding a moisture-wicking weave structure.


Through years of experience, our aero sock has been optimized to sit as comfortably as possible and to combat sweaty feet as well as possible. The socks are very lightweight and are extremely breathable, even the Merino winter cycling socks!


Sockeloen terry mesh sock


5. Fit 

Cycling socks are made to fit perfectly around your feet. They’re tight enough to keep the socks from falling down, but not so tight that they clamp off your feet, similar to our compression cycling socks. Like most other sport socks, cycling socks are seamless. Especially around the toes and heels, this is an essential feature, because it prevents irritation and blisters.


Sockeloen cycling socks have another great optional feature: the foot bed area is thickened and has an anti slip arch around the foot area for extra comfort. Of course, the socks are also available without this thickened footbed, which is very desirable in summer.


Because of these features, the Sockeloen cycling socks are great for any sport besides cycling, but especially for running and fitness.


Do cycling socks make a difference?


 6. Aero benefits

The fastest socks in the Sockeloen assortment are the aero socks. Aero socks are specially made for cycling as fast as possible and are constructed to cut through the wind. It’s proven during wind tunnel tests that they can save you up to 4,5 watts!


The unique thing about our aero cycling sock is that the aero material begins already down right in the shoe, which gives you that extra aero advantage. A double anti-slip strip at the top of the sock prevents it from falling down your leg. You can choose between different heights, so they’ll always be UCI legal.


How do Sockeloen aero socks work? 

Research in the wind tunnel shows that lycra material gives less air resistance than the bare skin or woven material. At surfaces that touch the airflow frontally (such as upper arms and lower legs), a lycra material with a vertical rib structure has emerged as the fastest from the wind tunnel test.


We have processed this material in a sock that yields the maximum aerodynamic advantage. This way, the aero cycling socks will improve your performance while still being fashionable and fitting perfectly around your feet. 


Sockeloen Aero Socks


7. Ride in style

Last but most certainly not least, Sockeloen cycling socks are made to make you look like a pro. With these cycling socks, you can ride in style and everyone will notice.


Sockeloen not only follows the latest trends when it comes to cycling socks, but also sets new trends with daring, cool and unique socks. At Sockeloen you can even design and buy your own custom cycling socks!

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